COVID testing infrastructure wind back leaves Australia exposed: Raina MacIntyre

Australia is ill-equipped to detect serious new variants of COVID-19 because it has dismantled its testing infrastructure for the virus, a leading epidemiologist has said.READ MORE

EpiWatch, the AI-driven early warning system for epidemics

The event that inspired the development of EpiWatch, an AI-driven early warning detection system for epidemics, was the West African ebola outbreak of 2014, according to UNSW professor of global biosecurity Raina MacIntyre. READ MORE

Interview with Raina MacIntyre

Interview on Tasmania Talks

Vote EPIWATCH_Voting open for People's Choice Innovation award

EPIWATCH has been named as a finalist in the 2022 InnovationAus Awards for Excellence People's Choice Award in the Health Innovations category. The winner is selected by popular vote. Your vote is much appreciated.  Vote here


Epidemiologist wins top Eureka Prize

The best and brightest minds in Australian science have been honoured at the annual Eureka Awards.

The 2022 winners list was led by Prof. Raina MacIntyre for her Leadership in Science and Innovation.

Guest: Prof Raina MacIntyre, Eureka Prize winner and head of the Kirby Institute's Biosecurity Program

Producer: Stefanie Collett, HEAR the interview

Epidemiologist Raina MacIntyre among brilliant Australian scientists awarded Eureka Prize

Public health expert Raina MacIntyre took out one of the top individual gongs for her role in the international COVID-19 response, while farming pioneers and cancer researchers were among 13 others recognised. READ MORE

COVID crisis: Professor Raina MacIntyre says Australians need to accept virus threat will persist

Australians must change the way they live and accept the threat from COVID-19 and other viral infections will persist, a leading epidemiologist says.

Professor Raina MacIntyre, who leads the biosecurity program at the Kirby Institute in Sydney, says people are wrong to think the pandemic is over. READ MORE

UNSW researchers named as 2022 Eureka Prize finalists

Prof. MacIntyre is Head of the Biosecurity Program at the Kirby Institute at UNSW. She is a world-leading researcher on respiratory protective devices, pandemics, smallpox, and emerging infectious diseases. READ MORE

Is Australia ready for monkeypox?

Disease control efforts can draw on lessons from the past and prevent the epidemic from becoming established in Australia READ MORE

OPINION Access to a second COVID booster vaccine has been expanded to people 30 years and over

Fourth COVID shots have been approved for over-30s, a necessary step to help protect Australians this winter. But we should be doing more. READ MORE