OzSage modelling suggests higher level of deaths in NSW at 80% than 70% vaccination rate

Fully vaccinated people in NSW will enjoy greater freedoms in October when the state reaches 70% double-dose vaccination, as per the government’s reopening roadmap released last week.  READ MORE

New science lobby group claims NSW reopening will crash ICUs

Modelling by a new scientific lobby group projects that NSW’s road map to reopening may lead to all the state’s intensive care unit beds being full for five weeks over Christmas and almost 1000 people dying from COVID-19. READ MORE

Vaccination alone not enough to control COVID-19

Vaccination alone is not enough to achieve control of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts warn, proposing a raft of measures to avoid a crippling resurgence of disease once restrictions are lifted.

Professor Raina MacIntyre, head of the biosecurity research program at the University of NSW’s Kirby Institute, is one of 48 members of a new independent pandemic advisory group, OzSAGE, which includes experts from fields ranging from medicine and public health to engineering and software design. READ MORE


Reopening Plan Could Leave Some Australian Hospitals Overwhelmed

Hospitals in Australia’s most populous state risk being overwhelmed by Covid cases by the end of the year if the government’s reopening plan is executed, according to modeling from public health body OzSAGE, released Monday. READ MORE

Harnessing artificial intelligence to help prevent epidemics before they spread

As with the COVID-19 pandemic, health authorities usually identify epidemics through public health surveillance, but could we do it earlier by being able to mine “the vast un-curated public data available to us in this digital age”?

That’s the hope and challenge from leading epidemiologist, Professor Raina MacIntyre, who heads the Biosecurity Program at the Kirby Institute, and Arunn Jegan, Advocacy Coordinator at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). READ MORE

Lockdown-weary Australia plans reopening as Covid-19 death toll tops 1,000

As Australia’s Covid-19 deaths exceed 1,000, a grim toll but modest by global standards, a country that has used relentless lockdowns now faces perhaps its biggest health policy challenge of the pandemic — how to reopen. READ MORE

COVID vaccine in Ballarat: Youth surge ahead but children's jabs vital

HIGH numbers of vaccinated children in all communities will be vital to safely unlock our strict COVID-19 rules, researchers from leading Australian universities claim. READ MORE

NSW chief health officer Kerry Chant warns masks may still be needed 'for years' to battle COVID-19

Australia is relying on modelling from the Doherty Institute which says it will be safe to open up, even if the country still has COVID-19 cases in the community, when there is 70-80 per cent vaccination coverage. READ MORE

Vaccines, stem cells, and the myth of wellness

Recorded via Zoom on August 6, 2021. Thanks to the Byron Writers Festival.



Raina MacIntyre – Professor of Global Biosecurity; NHMRC Principal Research Fellow; Head of the Biosecurity Program at the Kirby Institute.

Professor John Rasko - pioneer in the application of adult stem cells and genetic therapy; author of Flesh Made New.

Dr Norman Swan - host of the Health Report and co-host of Coronacast, on Radio National; author, So You Think You What’s Good For You?


Survey gauges health impact of 2019-20 bushfire smoke

Smoke from unprecedented summer bushfires of 2019-20 impacted healthy people and also those with underlying health conditions, a new study has found. READ MORE