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In outbreaks and other situations, there is a need for reliable rapid communications and for the ability to tap into relevant expertise. This need is not well served by peer-reviewed publications because of the slow turn-around time. At UNSW, we are well placed to provide such a service, as infectious diseases epidemiology is a major area of research strength. We teach major courses and degrees in infectious diseases, and are involved in leading international research in this field. I have started this blog for rapid, topical information on infectious diseases, with a focus on outbreaks, emerging infections, epidemiology, vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases. I am committed to responsible blogging, which means all posts are by people qualified to write about the particular topic, or that blogs will be reviewed by relevant experts where required. All contributions are welcome, and will be reviewed/moderated. Comments on blogs are moderated.

Professor Raina MacIntyre


Smallpox today - tapping the knowledge of Dr Mike Lane, former CDC Director of Smallpox Eradication

By Raina MacIntyre November 22nd 2017   Eradicated in 1980, smallpox is listed as a category A bioterrorism agent and remains a focus for planning and preparedness globally. In most of the decades… more

“Just, Wash ‘em!”

  By Kathryn Lim 20 October 2017  “Just, Wash ‘em!” – YouTube and Hand Hygiene Promotion: Entertainment, Education or Entertainment-Education? Hand hygiene and its contribution to helping prevent… more

What does the word ‘superbug’ mean to you?

By Sophie Newsome, 12 October 2017. Superbugs and storytelling: how do we get the message across about antimicrobial resistance? It’s a media buzzword relating to one of the world’s critical… more

How bad IS the flu in 2017 in Australia?

  Aye Moa and Raina MacIntyre 25 September 2017, updated 1 November 2017   Influenza has been documented since January (inter-seasonal period), with the season beginning in May and a rapid rise… more

Eradication of polio – Is Syria being left behind?

Mohana Kunasekaran 16 May 2017 Eradication of polio – Is Syria being left behind? Since 2013, after a 14 year absence and more than six years after the Syrian civil war began, another hostile… more

WannaCrypt, My Health Record and new frontiers in health security

Raina MacIntyre 15th May 2017   The largest ransomware attack in history has crippled the NHS in the last few days, and hospitals worldwide have increasingly been targeted for hacking. In the NHS… more

Pandemic scenario with a deadly serious message

Raina MacIntyre April 5th 2017 An unprecedented rise in novel influenza viruses and an entertaining pandemic scenario with a deadly serious message The world has seen an increasing frequency of… more

Banning unvaccinated kids from child care

Raina MacIntyre March 14th 2017 Banning unvaccinated kids from child care may have unforeseen consequences  The federal government’s push for all state and territories to ban unvaccinated children… more

Financial control of your health and wellbeing

Raina MacIntyre March 12th 2017 Financial control of your health and wellbeing – from vaccine coercion to genetic testing of employees. A slippery slope? I am a strong advocate for immunization and… more