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In outbreaks and other situations, there is a need for reliable rapid communications and for the ability to tap into relevant expertise. This need is not well served by peer-reviewed publications because of the slow turn-around time. At UNSW, we are well placed to provide such a service, as infectious diseases epidemiology is a major area of research strength. We teach major courses and degrees in infectious diseases, and are involved in leading international research in this field. I have started this blog for rapid, topical information on infectious diseases, with a focus on outbreaks, emerging infections, epidemiology, vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases. I am committed to responsible blogging, which means all posts are by people qualified to write about the particular topic, or that blogs will be reviewed by relevant experts where required. All contributions are welcome, and will be reviewed/moderated. Comments on blogs are moderated.

Professor Raina MacIntyre


From COVID control to chaos – what now for Australia? Two pathways lie before us

C Raina MacIntyre, UNSW Australia has swung from one extreme in pandemic control to the other – having great control of COVID, to now having the world’s highest rise in daily cases. Across the… more

Will Australia follow Europe into a fourth COVID wave? Boosters, vaccinating kids, ventilation and masks may help us avoid it

AP Photo/Lisa Leutner C Raina MacIntyre, UNSW Europe is facing a fourth wave of COVID. As we watch on, it is reasonable to ask whether Australia will be… more

Relying only on vaccination in NSW from December 1 isn’t enough – here’s what we need for sustained freedom

Dan Himbrechts/AAP C Raina MacIntyre, UNSW; Anne Kavanagh, The University of Melbourne; Eva Segelov, Monash University, and Lisa Jackson Pulver,… more

During COVID lockdown, is it OK to go to the beach? We asked 5 experts

Sunanda Creagh, The Conversation Many Sydneysiders have been heading to beaches in their local areas as the weather warms, leading authorities in certain spots to restrict access last weekend and… more

NSW risks a second larger COVID peak by Christmas if it eases restrictions too quickly

C Raina MacIntyre, UNSW New South Wales plans to relax restrictions when vaccination targets of 70% and 80% of those aged 16 years and over are met. The national plan was based on the… more

From vaccination to ventilation: 5 ways to keep kids safe from COVID when schools reopen

Shutterstock C Raina MacIntyre, UNSW; Greg Kelly, The University of Queensland; Holly Seale, UNSW, and Richard Holden, UNSW Last week the New South Wales… more

Les cas de Covid augmentent en Israël malgré une forte couverture vaccinale… Qu’en penser ?

C Raina MacIntyre, UNSW Israël affiche un des taux de vaccination les plus élevés au monde, avec quelques 78 % de sa population de plus de 12 ans ayant reçu ses deux injections. Si bien que… more

COVID cases are rising in highly vaccinated Israel. But it doesn’t mean Australia should give up and ‘live with’ the virus

Maya Alleruzzo/AP/AAP C Raina MacIntyre, UNSW Israel has one of the highest COVID vaccination rates in the world, having fully vaccinated 78% of people… more

Is Delta defeating us? Here’s why the variant makes contact tracing so much harder

Joel Carrett/AAP C Raina MacIntyre, UNSW The Greater Sydney lockdown began on June 26 and almost a month later, New South Wales is recording around 100… more