Ebola and nurses - a note from a stranger


Just wanted to share this email from a nurse who heard me speak on radio yesterday about PPE. The headline of the email was "Your Ebola opinions." I assumed it was hate mail, as this is the price I usually pay for being outspoken. But to my surprise it was the following:

"Congratulations on speaking out about the risk to healthcare workers and others caused by lax attitudes to risk analysis and the frequently poor personal protection used. I have always believed that airborne transmission could not be ruled out given the "unexplained" case to case spread.

It was all I could do not to applaud you and clap as I listened to your Radio interview on my train trip home.

I have been nursing for 40 years, .... in a major ...hospital. ...... At that time there was another Ebola outbreak in Africa and I had to argue very forcefully for the safety of the staff who would have been expected to care for any cases who arrived (here).

Keep up the good work and keep speaking out."


Some text was omitted so that the writer cannot be identified.

Thank you to this nurse for her feedback. The rights of health care workers to occupational health and safety, especially nurses, who have the most close contact with patients, matter. They matter even more when treating a disease such as Ebola, with such a high case fatality rate. Both cases of Ebola transmitted outside of West Africa have been in nurses - in Spain and the US. 


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